With many people talking about childhood games, it’s time to remember one of the best apps we had called subway surfers. Subway surfers is a never-ending running game created by Denmark, based on gaming companies sybo games and kybo. Sybos’s CEO Mathias Gredel Norvig made the game simply because he liked street art, music, and skateboarding. There is a sad truth to this lovable game; according to a tweet that @adorebestlads posted on July 29, subway surfers was made after the creator lost his son. The latter died in a train track while skateboarding. But putting the sadness aside, this game is one of the games I remember a lot. I remember kids at my school would brag about how far they can run, and whenever we were allowed to bring our tablets, we would sit in a group and see how far we could go, sort of like a competition. This game is still available for download, and I, too, recommend this app. It is fun and straightforward, the best thing to do when you’re bored.

-Andrea Augusto

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