Educational, fun, fresh and innovative are just a few words to describe Amigoe’s FREE school edition, ‘Amigoe op School’ a.k.a. AoS!

The beginning
In 2010, Amigoe Aruba softly launched a project to promote reading amongst children but most importantly teens and created a reading material that was more adapted to our region and suitable for high school students. After a trial period, the Amigoe op School was officially launched in 2012. At first, the Amigoe op School was a tabloid newspaper with a compilation of different articles that have recently been published in the Amigoe Aruba. The feedback was very positive after the first two school years and Amigoe expanded the distribution from just Colegio Arubano to seventeen high schools all around Aruba. After that school year, the students started to show their interest in writing articles and taking photo’s themselves. This is when Amigoe op School was transformed from a compilation of news articles into a platform where students can start practicing their interest in writing, photography and journalism, with the guidance of Amigoe-employees and their schoolteachers. 

The present
The Amigoe op School is a collaboration with different students from different high schools all over Aruba. It is a topical teaching material for Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento-classes. The students can choose to write their articles in Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento! Amigoe Aruba is very proud of the group of student-writers and is very happy to be able to provide this platform and the tools they need to expand their knowledge as they grow into independent young adults. To keep our group of student-writers motivated, Amigoe Aruba decided to change the print material from a tabloid newspaper to a full color silk magazine.

For more information contact or call us at (+297) 582 4333.