Every year, students who are in mavo 4, havo 5 and vwo 6 take their final exams in May and each year, teachers as well as other students give out tips and advice to help those preparing for the finals. One tip or advice that is given frequently is ‘get a good night’s rest’ and ‘remember to have breakfast’ (because breakfast is the most important meal of the day).

by Tiziana La Torre
coordinator AoS-Magazine


Some students have breakfast at home, others choose to skip breakfast and some simply do not have enough time to eat something before leaving their house with their parents or walking to the bus stop. This year, instead of just giving out advice, Dutch teacher Arnoud Kuijpers from Colegio San Nicolas gathered forces with a few more teachers and decided to organize a daily breakfast and meditation session during the weeks of the finals. On Tuesday May 14 the students had  to take their English exam and the AoS-Magazine was invited to join the breakfast as well as the meditation session at twenty to seven in the morning. During breakfast, the students took their time to grab anything they wanted from the breakfast table and sat down to eat their meal at ease. Sitting in the room, there was a sense of tranquility amongst the students and you could see they were calm, focused and ready to take the examen. After breakfast, Danielle Koole who’s also a teacher there, took a small group of students to the library where they had a quick meditation

session before they had to go to their classroom to take the exams. Before the meditation, when asked if the meditation really helped them before the exams allt the students answered ‘yes, it helps us focus and it eases any anxiety before the exams’.


It’s amazing to see how much and at the same time how little has changed in our education system these last ten years and it’s pretty remarkable that there is this amazing group of teachers who see the needs of the students and go the extra mile to support these students. Being able to join days like these, makes you appreciate teachters, being teacher is much more than just standing in front of s classroom and many do not realize or appreciate all the work these teachers put into it in order to see the students succeed.

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