The NOAA and the U.S. Air Force Reserve have hosted a series of events, including tours aboard the hurricane hunter aircraft to raise awareness about the fast approaching 2019 hurricane season and to help communities in Mexico and the Caribbean prepare for the season and the coming storms. On Thursday April 11, the famous Hurricane Hunter Hercules, landed in Aruba and was received by the minister of Transport of Aruba and Curaçao.

Students from Filomena College, Ceque College and Abraham de Veer School were invited to go aboard the aircraft for a tour. The crew received the students in groups of ten and explained everything about the aircraft, their instruments and how they work and gather all the data. “During hurricanes, we fly the WC-130J aircraft directly into the core of tropical cyclones to gather data that are critical for forecasting a hurricane’s intensity and landfall. The data are sent in real time via satellite from the aircraft directly to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center for analysis and use by hurricane forecasters.”

The students have learned a lot about the way they see weather forecasts at home and are looking forward to apply this knowledge for the start of the hurricane season in the Atlantic basin, beginning June 1.