Every semester we get to choose an H block that we want to do.  In our first semester we chose Driftwood Art with Ms. Suze as our H block. She came up with a project in which we made a tree with all the names of the students and staff members of our school.

Written by Kashish and Aditi
Grade 7, International School of Aruba

Every Wednesday and Friday we go to our H block class at the end of the day. For our project we started off collecting pieces of driftwood and we started painting them with white paint. Then, we got different colors of paint and chose one for each class and one for all the staff members. We started writing the names on the pieces of driftwood we had previously painted white. After we painted all the names we put a transparent layer of paint on all of the driftwood pieces, so that it would prevent the driftwood from losing its color.

When we finished doing this, we got the crown of the tree, which was made of wood by Mr. Jos and Mr. Simon and painted it green. Later on, we got the tree trunk and asked Mr. Jos and Mr. Simon to drill it to the crown of the tree after we painted it green. Finally, Ms. Suze, our teacher, and Sabrina, a 12th grade student who helped us in our driftwood class, drilled all the driftwood pieces with the names to the crown of the tree. After they drilled all the driftwoods to the crown we were done.

When we put up the tree all the students and staff were really glad to see their name on the tree. They all tried to find their names on the tree. A lot of students as well as staff members took pictures of the tree. Our whole H block class was really happy to see everyone so delighted with our project. It was a lot of FUN!

We want to give special thanks to Sabrina Reale, who helped us a lot in the whole process. Mr. Jos and Mr. Simon who helped us with the crown and the trunk, they also provided us with some materials and thought along with us during this process. Together we made a special art piece that we are very proud of.