In collaboration with the Hanze Hogeschool Groningen (The Netherlands), 3rd year students Marie-Claire Heinze and Narisa Khan from the University of Aruba recently attended Pegasus week in Belgorod, Russia.

The summer school was held during the week of june 26 to July 2, 2018 and with the guidance of FEF-lecturer Bauke Feenstra, both Heinze and Khan attended the week as part of their international project at the University of Aruba. This was the first time the Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing (FEF) could offer this program to their students.

Both Narisa and Marie-Claire share their unique experiences with Amigoe op School:

“During my third year of college I had an option to choose between two types of projects. I selected the international project. I had to work with students from The Netherlands on an assignment about sustainability and innovation, and at the end of the project we would have to present our project in Russia. For me this was an opportunity I could not have missed. The main reason why I was so interested in this was that I always see myself as an open-minded person who always wants to learn new things about other countries and cultures. I have met with two driven students of the University of Belgorod, they surprised me with the knowledge that they obtain of their own history, culture and food. The fact that they know so much details of everything made me realize how wise and aware they are of their own country. I have learnt so much from the workshops in Pegasus week in Belgorod and to see how we as students of University of Aruba made a difference as well by teaching the other students of Belgorod a bit of our country and traditions. We are a small dot on the map but we made a big impact in the lives of the students. For me this was a once in a lifetime experience which I wish to never forget.”  Narisa Khan

“What I would definitely take with me from this experience is that there is much more to learn from others and they also can learn from you. It’s like an adventure to remember. To work in a team with students from other nationalities such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and much more, is a unique blend for making a new friendship circle. This opportunity has made me get out of my comfort zone and experience something new. It will open doors to pursue even more than you can ever think of and to enjoy the journey.”  Marie-Claire Heinze

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