Around the world, a lot of people are still stuck in quarantine while waiting for the pandemic to end. Since quarantine is still in session for many places around the world, people cannot enjoy the summer that approaches people and cannot travel or take field trips, so they are relying on the internet for the hope of finding something fun to do.

At the same time, at home, I played a lot of online games and spending most of the day on social media. If I am not reading a book, I am using one of these apps called “Amino”, an app that allows you to join a specific community where you can post, read, talk and ask questions about the topic of the city. I made many friends on this app already talking about my favorite book series “Warrior cats”, but that’s not the only community, there is a bit of everything for many different people. That’s all for now, but I hope everyone is doing okay, have fun, and stay connected!

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