Scams are most common on online games where they trick you into sending you one of your rare items or real-life money for an exclusive thing, but then you don’t get anything in return, others are with real-life money on an online store where you pay for something and don’t get it at all. Or you pay for something and get a knockoff so here are some tips of how to avoid online scams.

1. If they ask you to send the money or item first, they most likely won’t send you anything at all, and
they might block you right after the payment; that way, you cant get the person’s information.

2. Avoid buying stuff from sketchy websites or people; if it is an online game, take the person’s username
and ask other players about the player because they might have gotten scammed by that person.

3. Never give someone online your credit card information because they will use it to steal all your
money, so you need to avoid sharing any kind of information that may help that person get money
from you.

Andrea Augusto

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