The energy and enthusiasm of our academic community is vibrant like the sun. Our passion is contagious and our willingness to help you define your future through our programs is like the ocean that surrounds the Island. Furthermore, the ability for you to network and establish relationships once you are a student of the University of Aruba is the colorful splash of the UAVIBE that you take with you everywhere you go.

Taking a decision on where to study is not an easy assignment. This assignment becomes even more difficult when considering that it may be the most important decision that will define your academic success and future career. At the University of Aruba, we understand the importance of this decision. That is why we want to be as good as an option could be. Consequently, we are continuously preparing our teaching and administrative staff. We are also continuously improving our physical and technical infrastructure to enhance the quality of our programs.

Moreover, we are also eagerly exploring opportunities to expand the number of study programs to diversify and offer you a good alternative within the realm of study programs and Universities. This we do in good collaboration with our international partners, the Erasmus + charter, and the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization. So, if you are from Aruba and you are about to graduate we want you to know that we have what it takes for you to excel. If you are not from Aruba but you are considering to do an exchange, know that we will exceed your expectations. After all we don’t only live in paradise we also know how to infuse you with the VIBES so you can visualize, believe, and succeed.

You see at the UA we believe that success is attainable in a partnership between representatives of the institution be it lecturers, professors, and the student themselves. Together we work for you to achieve the goals that you have visualized. After you have visualized and defined what you want, we encourage you through our personal contact and commitment to believe you can achieve what you put your mind to. These principles, our dedicated staff divided over our 4 faculties and more than 8 programs will enable you to accomplish your goals and succeed on your own merit.

Still doubting that this is the academic energy that you need to succeed, email us or send us a Facebook message at . We are here to share the good vibes.

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