Multimedia, the growing trend within society, is a collective name for all new technologies when it comes to presenting and storing information, using image, text and sound material. Professionals in this field use computer software to develop and manage the images and content online. The work produced by media technology specialists is used in various media such as: training programs, web pages and news sites. The main reason for using multimedia is the competitive advantage and quality.

Composed by Grade 11
under the supervision of Bernice Pansa and Elvis Carmichael.

In the academic year 2017-2018, the Ibero American High School started with a curriculum for Multimedia. This curriculum is led by Mr. Richard Jacobs, Mr. Kevin Anderson and Ms. Kenishia Nurse. Interested and talented students are given the opportunity to develop their career in this growing specialty. To support this, the Computer Science course under supervision of Ms. Nurse is expanded with desktops, allowing students to perform and apply the theoretical aspect directly.

Mr. Anderson teaches them to increase the skills needed to use their devices effectively without overlooking the fact that those same skills can also be Biblical integrated. In other words, the students are taught how to use the technology to praise God and to serve the word of God in the society that is based on the internet.

Together with Mr Jacobs, the students study filming, making and editing of advertising spots as well as graphic designing.

Telearuba and Ibero signed a cooperation agreement on November 1, 2018, whereby Telearuba is prepared to share the necessary technology and knowledge to the students through lectures by their employees who have the proper education, experience and knowledge. The students will also visit Telearuba to examine equipment, IT infrastructure and software used for their production and broadcast.

Telearuba also offers internship to these students and to support them even more; the Ibero students  must describe their creativity by giving a show of 30 minutes which content must meet the requirements of Telearuba and be aimed at the youth (youth to youth), promoting values, good principles and positivism.

Believing and appreciating students by encouraging them in their creativity, will stimulate them to think on a deeper level.