Club di Movimiento Aruba Dance School (CDM) is involved in the social responsibility of developing the art of dance, by nurturing confident, intuitive, self-disciplined and self-motivated students. Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in Aruba, CDM is known for fostering a love for dance and helping each student develop themselves in a friendly environment, while encouraging them to have high aspirations and expectations. This year CDM will be saying ‘goodbye’ to their current Dance Captain at the Youth Ballet Composition Naomi Auwerda and ‘welcome’ their new captain, Ana Sofia Kock.

My name is Naomi Auwerda, I’m 17 years old and in my last year of vwo at Colegio Arubano. I have been a dancer for eleven years at Club di Movimiento. I joined YBC Etude in its first year. After two years I moved to YBC Superior. I’ve been the Captain of YBC since 2016. I was also assistant and instructor at Club di Movimiento. In these last couple of years I’ve not only grown as a dancer but also as a person. Club di Movimiento has offered me so much more than dance classes, it has offered me a safe space to develop into the young woman I am today. It gave me several opportunities to contribute to the community and this has thaught me alot about the community as well. I got to know more about the deaf community on Aruba when we did a dance including sign language, for example. I also got to use my talents as a dancer to help raise funds for the Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds. I got to learn more about Aruba’s culture doing performances such as the Bon Bini festival as well. Club di Movimiento let me experience the world of dance by allowing me to compete in Mahwah, New Jersey in 2012 and I also got to perform in Disney World, Orlando in 2015. With all these beautiful opportunities, I’ve become more aware of the world around me. It made me gain a lot of self discipline in order to keep both my school and dance career at it’s best. Club di Movimiento also turned me into a helper and a leader. As Captain of Companionship, I always helped Ms. Samanta during performances, such as the inauguration of the Plaza Padu square, making sure everything was ready for our performances. During our regular trainings, I would keep an eye on the girls to make sure they were doing everything correctly. There are many dance schools on Aruba but I have always chosen Club di Movimiento because of Samanta’s innovative spirit. Every show was something new and challenging. Samanta and Vivian made me become a better dancer by challenging me each time to do better. I am grateful to the family I have at Club di Movimiento. All my students, fellow dancers and teachers mean the world to me. They made these years feel like no time has gone by missing;every second I spent there was worth it.

Ana Sofia
Hi, my name is Ana Sofia Kock and I’m 17 years old. I am currently doing my last year of Colegio Arubano, havo 5. In January I will be celebrating 13 years at Club di Movimiento. I’ve been dancing at CDM since I was four years old. I did ballet for many years and later started jazz when I joined YBC. I am currently doing jazz and YBC. I’ve been in YBC for 5 years. I am also a dance instructor, I teach jazz for beginners and street dance for teens. In 2019 I will become the new Dance Captain, following Naomi Auwerda. I am aware of all the responsibilities that will come with this new position but I am extremely excited for this new challenge. I will get to lead and help the girls whom I love to spend time with and consider my little sisters. I am looking forward to this new year where and I hope I can further develop my dance technique and therefore become a better dance instructor. CDM has not only helped me grow as a dancer but also as a person. They taught me leadership, discipline, teamwork and how important it is to give back to the community. I hope to take all these good traits and later open a dance academy of my own.