We started out as 15 different groups, each representing wonderful ideas worth implementing in our community, and all with the same goal of making our dreams come true. Scubblebubbles, the organization I had the honor of pitching alongside another teammate, is a youth group that wants to work on restoring and protecting the coral reefs of Aruba.

Written by: Dominique Lopez
ScubbleBubble and ISA student

The group idea we were pitching was to successfully have Aruba’s corals surveyed and analyzed in order for us to know more about our corals before making important decisions that  have an impact our marine life. Our project proves not only to be beneficial for the community of Aruba, but also for Aruba’s reefs, marine life and tourism. Thankfully, we were able to get one of the sponsors to support our idea of having our corals scientifically surveyed, and now we’ll be able to learn how to survey our corals and keep them healthy. After having received sponsorship, we are now focusing on bringing this project to life by restoring Aruba’s beautiful yet endangered corals, as well as performing surveys on these corals.


 Join in
If you are interested in becoming a ScubbleBubble and helping us save the reefs, send an email to info@scubblebubbles.org! It helps if you are already PADI certified to Scuba dive. But we are excited to announce that we will soon be offering two partial scholarships to local students! Keep an eye on our FaceBook and Instagram accounts for the official announcement!


The Pitch Time Experience in My Eyes
Okay so yes, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to present the pitch, even though I volunteered to be part of it. I knew I’d definitely need to step up my courage and face my fear of public speaking. I knew that if I put myself in a situation where I’d have to speak publically, I would not only gain experience but also feel more confident later on when I’d have to speak in public . In truth, it truly helped, and I’m not just saying this to sound somewhat inspiring, but this is my actual real life take on what I learned about myself. My pitch teammate and I, along with the help of the rest of the team and of course let’s not forget Ms.Danser, helped make sure we knew what we were talking about through practice and research.


When the actual pitch day came, I was really nervous but I also knew I practiced and knew what I was talking about. Time’s out- it’s our turn to pitch. We walked on stage, smiled at the judges, took a couple of breaths, and BOOM it was time to present. Half time in between the pitch, I began to realize it really isn’t that ‘bad’ or as ‘nerve wracking’ as I thought it’d be to present in front of the camera and judges. I started to get used to it, and even though I was still somewhat nervous, I continued speaking. At the end of the pitch, I looked at my team members, and I saw the smile on their faces, and that’s when I knew that we were all proud of ourselves and of our pitch. We ended the day with some nice sandwiches, reflecting back on our hard work, and how we were proud of ourselves for accomplishing the first part of our mission and vision.