My favorite hobby since quarantine has been reading. I enjoy holding a book in my hand; it is peaceful except when, of course, a character dies.
I started reading a lot in 6th grade when someone introduced me to a book series called Warriors. I checked it out online and decided to order it to see what it is like, and it turned out that I love this book series. I’m in the last book of the 3rd series called the power of 3.

What is this series about?
The first series, called the prophesies, is about a house cat named Rusty. Rusty joins one of the four clans in the forest; these clans are the wind clan, river clan, shadow clan, and thunder clan. Rusty ends up joining thunder clan and gets the name fire paw, which all apprentices at six moons old get the suffix paw. I like the concept world of warriors because the clans work with each other, and each one has a different territory, hunting, and living style; for example, river clan is the only clan that learns how to fish and swim. The medicine cats learn about herbs and how to treat wounds, the deputy who is the leader’s right-hand man, and finally, the leader. The leader always has the last name of a star, for example, Firestar, and they’re all given nine lives by star clan where all the cats who die go except for the evil ones they go to the dark forest. The clans’ work makes it for great villains, who want power, like the very first villain, tiger claw/star he tried to take over thunder clan, but fire heart managed to stop him in time. However, when tiger claw is exiled, he took over the shadow clan instead, and the river clan helped too, so in the 6th book of the first series, the darkest hour, there is this epic battle scene.

Now back to how I like to read. I do read a lot, and I like how you can imagine yourself interacting with the characters, and you can build your idea of how they’re world looks like. I don’t particularly appreciate reading books with humans in them. I think it’s boring and not much happens, which is why I like books where the characters are animals.

-Andrea Augusto

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