Did you guys hear that? That was the sound of a glass ceiling breaking.  Like so many men before him, Edwin Gomez made the excellent life decision of improving himself and pursuing higher education at the University of Aruba. However, unlike the vast majority of other young men, Edwin decided to get his degree in social work.

Edwin always knew he wanted to work with little kids but one year at IPA taught him that teaching wasn’t really his thing. The day he attended the open house at UA, the only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted to do something meaningful with his life. That was when he met Clementia Eugene, a lecturer from the Faculty of Social Work. Once he realized what being a social worker means to the community – his path forward was clear.

Social work has historically been a female-dominated profession. However, in these more enlightened times, businesses and institutions realize that gender diversity in the workplace is incredibly important. In his role as a social worker, Edwin will have a different understanding of situations than his female counterparts because of his personal experiences. He’ll be able to identify better with boys – because he used to be one.

Edwin’s professors find his point of view invaluable in class and hope that more men will check out the social work program at the University of Aruba. As for Edwin, he’s excited to graduate at the end of the year and begin his career helping children at risk on the island – but for now? Well…let’s just say that being the only gentleman in a class full of ladies isn’t that bad.