Amid a global pandemic and some historical events, some might want to go to a faraway country and ease their minds. Unfortunately, traveling isn’t an option right now. It became a bit riskier with the virus still lingering around, plus the costs of having to pay for testing and insurance in case anything happens to you or your family abroad. If you’re not going anywhere this summer and stumble across this article, you’re lucky (yay!). Here are some ways you can make your “staycation” a bit more fun.


  1. Go to the beach

Some beaches here are pretty spacious, like Eagle Beach. That way, you can still get your desired tan or have endless fun while also maintaining social distance.

  1. Be more active

According to studies, staying inside all day can cause stress and anxiety. Going out for a walk or run at least an hour a day surely helps combat that. Additionally, it reduces your chances of developing health issues later in life. You can also play some sports with your family in your backyard or at the beach. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have to walk or run. Be creative.

  1. Family game night

Organize a family game night with some quizzes and trivia, charades, board games, or card games. If you feel like you don’t get to spend enough time with your family, maybe because you’ve been busy studying the whole year, take this opportunity to bond with them.

  1. Build a pillow fort

Whether in your bedroom or living room, making a cozy pillow fort is something most of us have done in our childhood. Why not do it again? Grab some pillows, some blankets, and for an aesthetic touch, some fairy lights and build away. After your done, grab some snacks and your phone or laptop and put on a movie.

  1. Find a new skill

You’re never too old to find new talent. The practice is all it takes. If you’ve always liked art but felt like you weren’t ever going to be good at it, why not take all the free time you have now to practice more? The same goes for instruments, sports, arts & crafts. Practicing a hobby has a calming effect on stress and anxiety, as long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing. It may take a while to feel like you’re getting better, but it’s never impossible.

  1. Volunteer at your local charity

A staycation may not rhyme with volunteering, but it can be seen as a moment to give back. Giving back is a great way to remind us of how much we have and how lucky we are: treat your staycation as your chance to give back to the community.

  1. Go on a local hike

It is kind of related to #2. You don’t have to live up in the hills or the mountains to go for a hike: a park can do it, or any place where’s nature. There’s no need to feel any pressure, make sure you enjoy the environment and do not feel obligated to set new hiking records. Relax.

  1. Plant a tent in your backyard

Set up a tent in your backyard and spend a night or two in, or as much as you’d like. Pretend you’re summer camping: you can go even further and build a fire, roast s’ mores and tell scary stories.

Although we are in a global pandemic, there’s still plenty of ways always to have fun and keep your mind off the stress we’re ALL going through. Keep in mind that this, too, shall pass.

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