Every year, Mon Plaisir College organizes a talent show for its students at Cas di Cultura. This year, once again they hosted their annual talent show at Cas di Cultura where the students from different grades got the opportunity to show their talents and enjoy of an evening especially prepared for them.

Besides working hard on their grades and schoolwork, students at the Mon Plaisir College also enjoy their free time and hobbies. Mon Plaisir College is proud to have so many talented students in all kinds of areas, like sports, music and volunteering. Besides having so many talented students in so many areas, Mon Plaisir College also has students who have some ‘hidden talents’. Because the talents are so diverse, the committee decided to make ‘Diversity’ this year’s theme.

The students were excited for the talent show and the MC’s for the evening, Kevin Illes and Ysraella Maduro did an excellent job entertaining the crowd during the entire show. There were twelve performances for the talent show and at the end of the evening, the judges revealed the results. Students have shown their skills on instruments, on the dance floor and some students decided to sing. The diversity of talents really showed off at the Mon Plaisir College’s talent show.