First, we are putting most of our energy into planning and designing our new coral nursery located in Savaneta. Part of the planning involves preparing a presentation, which we will present to the DNM (Directie Natuur en Milieu) to approve our new nursery.

If we are not busy cleaning the current nursery or outplanting our coral, we are finding creative ways to raise money; we always have something to do. Things like the current, depth, sunlight, marine life and many other logistical problems make gardening our coral no easy feat. The feeling of accomplishment once everything is finished and set up makes it all worth it. Not only because you just finished a project, but because you know you are making a change in the declining lives of our corals.

We also do monthly reef clean ups at Spaans Lagoon together with members from ALFI (Aruba Lionfish Initiative). The ScubbleBubbles adopted the site through PADI’s Project AWARE and have committed to doing monthly clean ups and reporting all trash collected. It is amazing (and sad) how much we collect each month.

In an effort to raise money a few of us have been busy designing shirts, making bracelets, and screen printing reusable tote bags to sell. If you would like to purchase something, or perhaps you have an idea to help us fundraise, please contact us at

Protecting our reefs is a challenging task because it involves increasing the number of corals, monitoring their health, and stopping their decline. This is a worldwide issue that is affecting everyone without them even knowing it. For example, when corals bleach and die, the fish leave because the coral can not fulfill the requirements of their symbiotic relationship, therefore resulting in lower food quantities for the rest of the food chain. This can dangerously modify how the ecosystem works. The ScubbleBubbles are looking for more volunteers to help us get all of this work done. Together we can all make a difference!